Word fragments sourced from a quantum physics chapter explaining "The Parabola and The Pendulum". Exemplifying how poetics can be found embedded within scientific and technical forms of language.



bear curious resemblances


a successor to our hero


objects fall


into the air


each soars away


a graceful arc 


of sublime


string suspended


a great height


an old tire tied 


swings to and fro


sun and moon pull


earths oceans


to create the tides


human history


in a burst of


three laws


once you know


I will give you the future


our knowledge


wind or water 


and so on


absurdly simple-looking


the separation


as small as


one of the stars




our sun


our weight on earth


so close


of this planet




stretches of space




between earth and the sun






of which pulls




in the vast


out across


as far as




a moment to contemplate


falling toward the center


the moon hovers


tugging at our oceans


nearly circular


curve around in


tens or even hundreds


before returning


the universe


one or two simple