9:53 AM is comprised of data collected from ROOM #3. ROOM #3 is a 3' wooden cube with one window and an inlet at the top for a camera. The installed camera took a photograph every 30 seconds for 12 hours a day. This room was installed from 04/02/16 to 05/02/16 in my neighbor, Gretchen's, front yard.  

Every day at 9:53 am, light would move over the left hand corner of the room and bend over the edge. As the month moved from April to May, the light's form at this given time stretched. It became longer on the floor pane, narrower in shape, and moved closer to the window wall. This change in shape was due to the tilt of the earth in relation to the sun shifting over the course of the month. From the recorded data, I extracted each frame taken at 9:53 am. This piece consists of thirty-one frames, some frames show no light due to overcast skies.


| 2016