We have all held the same images. The photograph of a first birthday, of riding a bicycle, or that gathering at a family members house.

Twenty-Two to One is an appropriated collection of photographs of groups of people in front of their homes. All of the photographs were found in vintage shops, rummage sales, and small wooden boxes packed with hundreds of abandoned images. After collecting, I became interested in finding  the “punctum”, the source of originality, within each photograph. To give back some sensitivity to our desensitized eyes. Following the collection are conversations I had with my immediate family over the significance of each image. Through this process of interrogating family portraits with my own family, the malleability of the photograph appeared. As we constructed stories, the photographs molded to our words. Bringing out subtle details that would have gone unnoticed at first glance. When spending time with a photograph, when attempting to remove any notion of photographs previously seen, a visceral understanding can be found.

This collection consists of 22 found images. Documented below is a small sample of the collection.


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| 2015