ROOM #2 was a 1' x 1' x 1' wooden cube with one window. Each panel on the interior of this room was lined with cyanotype every day. Every morning at sunrise, for 10 days in March, I would place the small camera in the same position on my front porch. Every evening, I would unhinge the room and collect the days recording. The recording was light coming in through the window and exposing onto the cyanotype paper. From day to day, the path that the light took remained similar, only shifting a small degree as the earths distance to the sun shifted. Yet, the form of the path varied due to the weather conditions.

A sunny day would produce a long deep blue line across three panes. A partly cloudy day would produce a faint line with the possibility of a momentary deep rich blue whenever the sun had appeared. A overcast day would produce an subtly amorphous cloud of light blue pigment or if the light levels were too low, nothing at all. This recording process translated the physicality of light. The pigment was directly influenced by the amount of daylight it received, the mark was a pure recording.


| 2015