FORECAST is an exploration of the subjectivity of inference in a scientific experiment. As light moves across the white and barren walls in an apparatus titled ROOM #3, a 3' wooden cube with one window, it's shape and hue are affected by the weather conditions outside. I extracted one day's worth of data collected from ROOM #3 in order to dissect it frame by frame and denote what the weather might be.

On a monitor, the data and the forecast are displayed side by side. The text is comprised of appropriated terms from meteorology textbooks. Four terms serve as the foundation to the piece; clear skies, mostly cloudy, partly cloudy, and overcast. These four repeating terms are built upon with text that slips into a fictional narrative.

FORECAST is made up of well over 1,000 frames, each with their own individual prediction.

Video, color, 1:03:54 (loop); LCD screen.

Video stills (full length 1:03:54)

| 2016