FORECAST is an exploration into the subjectivity of inference in a scientific experiment. As light moves across the white and barren walls in an apparatus titled ROOM #3, a 3' wooden cube with one window, it's shape and hue are affected by the weather conditions outside. I extracted one day's worth of data collected from ROOM #3 in order to dissect it frame by frame and denote what I thought the weather might be outside the room by the shape of the light inside the room. 

On a monitor, the frame and the text (the forecast) are displayed side by side. The text is comprised of appropriated terms from meteorology textbooks. Four terms serve as the foundation to the piece; clear skies, mostly cloudy, partly cloudy, and overcast. These four repeating terms are built upon with text that slips into narrative from time to time. Such as “large balloon passing over head” in order to describe why the light was suddenly amorphous rather than direct. This fiction is an exaggeration of the notion that a forecast is both subjective and is a prediction.

FORECAST allowed me to further explore the notion of subjectivity in a given objective experiment. It also allowed me to explore written poetry in relation to the cold and dry set of conditions that an experiment can lend itself to. FORECAST is made up of well over 1,000 frames, each with their own individual prediction.



| 2016