72 Hours is comprised of 3 days worth of data collected from ROOM #3ROOM #3 was a 3' x 3' x 3' wooden cube with one window. At the top of the room was an installed camera that took a photograph every 30 seconds for 12 hours a day. This room was installed from 04/02/16 to 05/02/16 in my neighbor, Gretchen's, front yard. 

In this installation the frame changed every one second and since the photographs were taken every 30 seconds throughout the day, 12 hours was represented in this installation in 24 minutes. Since the photographs were taken by looking down into ROOM #3, the box shape of the pedestal created the illusion of looking down into the space. There was a sound piece within the pedestal that played a clip of a clock ticking, constantly on loop. The ticking clock was an aural reference to the visual frame changing every second.








Intent Eye, Red Eye Gallery




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